Owning a dog can be a very rewarding experience for any family. To watch them grow and become a member of your family is exciting and fun but if your dog doesn’t obey commands, runs off and get lost or isn’t trained to perform simple tasks, that experience can become stressful and tiresome. Proper dog training is important for the health and happiness of both your pet and your family. That is where Aetertek Training Systems comes in. Aetertek is the leading manufacturer of high quality, effective dog training collars for all sizes of dogs since 2006. Our full line of dog training collars makes it easy and affordable for anyone to train their dogs at home. From barking issues, ignoring commands and running off, an Aetertek Training Systems dog training collar can make training your dog easy.

Bark Stop Collar & Dog Fence



Charger Antenna Collar 

  • Maria

    "I have been through several collars with my gsd. AT-919C is amazing so far! He was already shock collar trained before this purchase but this is hands down the best collar I have used. It is anti bark which you can turn on or off (amazing feature) as he is not longer tearing up window screens to get to squirrels when we don’t have the remote in hand, and it has the remote for command training. Beep, shock, and vibrate options all available. Haven’t tested the distance. But so far it has been worth every penny!"

  • Sharlene

    "Works great! Mostly have to use the sound feature for pup to listen. nice to have the option for any though for when she is really stubborn. The auto dog feature is great and works perfect too! Only issue is that my dog is 25lbs, and this is a little bigger and heavier than is ideal for her, but, that just incourages both of us to have to use it less!"

  • Kayla Marton

    "The Aetertek AT-918C collar works great even after swimming in the lake for several hours, fingers crossed it won't fell.

    The range is also great. I bought and use 2 of these for my labs in the field and they work like a dream. Even tested it out with my boys from 600+ yards and it brought them right back.

    Get this collar!!!"