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Trouble shooting

Aetertek Dog trainer trouble shooting
A: Transmitter/Receiver runs out of batteries quickly.

1: Make sure the charger and Transmitter/Receiver are securely connected

2:Charge it up to 8 hours or above

B:Transmitter doesn't work.

1: Replace the 9v dry battery with a new one or recharge Transmitter

C:Transmitter can’t match Receiver successfully.

1:Make sure the intensity level is not on ZERO

2:Check whether the antenna is installed correctly

3:Ensure the receiver is turned on and in sync waiting status

D:Receiver doesn’t response to Transmitter.

1:Make sure the intensity level is not on ZERO

2:Make sure Receiver had been synced with Transmitter and Transmitter is in the right dog system. Never change dog system after the system had been synced!

3:Make sure the Receiver and Transmitter have enough power

E:The training system has no effect on my dog.

1:Make sure the Receiver is working and both shocking prongs touch dog’s skin closely

2:Try higher intensity level

F:Transmitter can’t remotely control 1-2 or 1-3 Receivers.

1:Make sure you sync different Receiver separately

2:Only in the right dog system, can you operate the corresponding Receiver or dog

3:Whenever the Receiver/Transmitter out of power and recharged, you need to sync them once again

G:The training system is only available in short range.

1: Check whether the antenna is installed correctly

2:Make sure there didn’t have strong signal interference from your surroundings.

3: Remote control range could be fluctuated along with surroundings, obstacles, or even the weather.

4:As to AT-919, make sure the collar had been put through the antenna pole in the back side of Receiver

H:What’s the rubber cap outside of charging port for?

1:It prevent dust or water from coming into the charging port effectively. You need to plug the cap into the charging port tightly when charging is done

I:How to turn on/off anti bark feature

For 218, press and hold on the flash light button, then quick press down Beep button will turn on/off anti bark feature;

For 219, press and hold on the microphone button for three seconds will turn on/off anti bark feature;

For 918, press and hold on dog selection button on the side of Transmitter will turn on/off anti bark feature;

For 919, quick press the flash light button on the back side of Transmitter will turn on/off anti bark feature;

J:Receiver beep/vibrate/shock by itself all the time or occasionally .

1: Make sure anti bark feature is turned off. After auto mode feature had been turned off, for 218 and 918, auto mode LED light will go off; for 219, auto mode icon (MICROPHONE will disappear); for 919, auto mode incon (SPEAKER) will be hollowed;

2: Make sure Receiver has enough power, because Receiver will alarm when it runs out of power

3: Make sure any buttons of Transmitter has not been touched

4: Sync Receiver with Transmitter once again.

K:When buying individual Receiver or Transmitter, why do I need to double-check the edition?

Aetertek updated all machines frequency from 433.92 MHz to 915 MHz, so every time you need to buy individual Receive or Transmitter, you must make sure which frequency you actually need. Otherwise they will not be compatible.

l:After unplugged charger, the red LED light in Receiver stayed in solid to wait for sync, however it can never be synced by Transmitter.

Please turn off your Receiver and re-sync it

M:My Receiver seems to work by itself without the operation of Transmitter.

Check whether the auto anti bark function is on. If not, you can turn it off.

N:Auto anti bark is not work properly.

Make sure auto anti bark feature had been turned on, then you can test the function by scratching the shocking prongs on the surface of a desk, qualified Receiver will start to beep and vibrate.

O: when charging the remote/ receiver , the LCD screen of the remote flashes or no response/receiver has no response or red LED light flashes.

It is protection measure for the battery when battery capacity is low. Please charge them longer. They will be normal then.

P: The dog system keeps switching to dog 1

Please charge or change the battery of the remote.